KMED Hospital & Pharmacy Inventory Services

KMED LLC specializes in providing physical inventory counting, inventory management services and staffing support for the health care industry. Our focused expertise enables us to provide professional, accurate, high-quality services to our clients throughout the United States.

The KMED team has more than 75 years of combined experience in providing hospital and pharmacy inventory services.

Physical Inventory Services: We have the capabilities to count virtually any department in a hospital, including but not limited to:

• Surgery

• Pharmacy

• Central Supply

• Clinical Labs

• ER


• Radiology

• Cardiac Cath Labs

• Labor and Delivery

• Dietary

• Facilities Management


• Gift Shop

• Environmental Services

• Linens

• Capital Assets

The KMED corporate headquarters is located in St. Clair Shores, Michigan. Our customer data, analytics and reporting center is located in San Antonio, Texas.


Benefits of Outsourcing Your Physical Inventory

Our priority is to complete every inventory project efficiently and accurately on behalf of our clients. An inventory partnership with KMED provides:

• Convenience: Minimize disruption to the daily activities of a hospital or pharmacy

• Our knowledgeable and professional field managers and field auditors go on-site to record a detailed count of a hospital’s inventory items.
• Our customers’ business needs take precedence when we schedule inventory jobs, therefore our field teams can work in day or night shifts when performing inventory activities.

• Cost-effectiveness: Competitive pricing and hospital and pharmacy employees can focus on their regular job responsibilities

• Our team of experts handles the inventory process in a timely manner enabling the hospital and pharmacy staff to keep their regular routines, and thus eliminating the burden and expense of the excessive overtime hours incurred when hospital staff conducts an inventory project.

• Credibility: Independent third-party resource

• Our deep experience in the hospital and pharmacy inventory services industry ensures that our customers receive reliable inventory data compiled by specialists in performing physical inventory counts.

• Quality: Quality-control processes to provide a thorough and dependable inventory job

• Field managers perform random checks during the on-site physical count.
• Field managers and KMED Account Manager regularly communicate with the hospital and pharmacy staff throughout the inventory project.
• Analysis and Reporting team members run interim reports to confirm the validity and accuracy of the inventory data.
• Analysis and Reporting team members review the customer’s price file in advance of the on-site physical count to verify the pricing data.

Customer Focus

The KMED Client Focus:

• Flexible scheduling of inventory assignments to minimize disruption to our client’s business routines.
• Multiple options for counting inventory items so we can best meet our client’s inventory needs – from premium to basic inventory services.
• Field managers are on-site throughout the inventory project to provide continuous communication with hospital staff.
• Single point of contact through a designated KMED Account Manager for every inventory assignment facilitates a streamlined communications process with the customer from start to finish.